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How do I make a webpage with my UNC space?
This instructions will work for those with an onyen. The webpage will be at:, where onyen is your onyen
1. Download at install SSH/SFTP Secture Shell from
2. Run the Secure File Transfer Client
3. Log into isis: File->Quick Connect, Host Name:
4. You will see a folder called “public_html”. Inside there is index.html. Edit this or create a new html file. If you know nothing about HTML, there is an excelent very breif tutorial here.
5. Upload images or .zip files to this same directory. The links will all be relative to your homepage: e.g.

Where can I get Visual Studios free?
If you are a CS graduate student ask the department help (
If you are a student at UNC (with a valid UNC email address), you should be able to download Visual Studios for free from Microsoft’s Dreamspark:
You’ll need to get a MSN/Hotmail account to access this.

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