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Rasterization Help

Hi all, I just wanted to address some questions I’ve gotten a couple of times that might be tripping people up. 1) How do I compute Barycentric Coordinates? Both Wikipedia and Wolfram Mathworld have great articles on this. The Wikipedia … Continue reading

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General Assignments FAQ

How do I make a webpage with my UNC space? This instructions will work for those with an onyen. The webpage will be at:, where onyen is your onyen 1. Download at install SSH/SFTP Secture Shell from 2. … Continue reading

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2D Graphics FAQ

How do I compute the luminance of an RGB pixel? For projects in this class, you can safely use:  Luminance = Y = .30*R + .59*G + .11*B There are a couple different formulations from varying standards such as: Y … Continue reading

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